BeiCam Thermal imagers

Protects you and your neighbours

● Detects high temperature
● Data processing using artificial intelligence
● The most available automatic thermal cameras on the market
● API connection to your application


The camera automatically captures and evaluates passers-by without their interaction 


The background cloud system uses artificial intelligence to evaluate each image 


There is no need to stop the scanned persons, the system will warn of dangerous itself 


When a sick person is identified, the responsible person is notified via the online system 

In cloud

All data is processed encrypted on a secure repository sharing under GDPR complience

API for your app

We will make the measurement results available via API directly into your application 

Baesd on your needs

We will design together the best solution
for your company or institution 

To PC or mobile

You can watch the patient report online on a computer or mobile device 

Anti fire

In addition to monitoring people, the system can also evaluate a fire at its begining

Easy mounting

The camera can be mounted on a tripod or
attached to the wall

Electrical socket is enough

All you need to operate the camera is an electrical outlet and a wireless connection to Wi-Fi or LAN

Customer support

In case of any problem
just contact us or our partners

BeiCam – best solution for:

Medical facilities

The best and affordable solution for monitoring visitors of hospitals and surgeries 

Offices and companies

To the entrance areas or to the corridors of offices and companies with the possibility of connecting to attendance SW

Schools and kindergartens

To monitor incoming pupils, students and teachers before joining the team


To monitor passengers before
boarding a means of transport 


To protect shoppers when
entrances to shopping centers 

Eldery homes

Protects the oldest citizens against unwanted infection by a dangerous virus

BeiCam thermal imagers

BeiCam thermal imagers are available in various options according to the requirements of each customer. They represent the most affordable way to monitor the body temperature of passers-by.

Thanks to data processing using artificial intelligence, BeiCam cameras offer many other options that you will not find with conventional thermal imagers at this price level. Whether connected to any system with a single API output, fire or low temperature monitoring, or connecting external devices such as an RFID reader, fingerprint, 1D / 2D scanner, or 3G / 4G modem or external monitor. 

Available models of BeiCam thermal imagers

Beik BeiCam Palm

Basic model relying on non-contact palm sensing. Best for entrance areas with gradual occurrence of people, eg for connection to attendance systems. When a person with an elevated temperature is detected, an automatic alert occurs within the system. The advantage of this model is fast data processing, easy installation and very attractive price. 

Beik BeiCam Basic

The basic model equipped with a thermal camera is designed for places with a gradual occurrence of people, ideal for small companies / clubhouses / surgeries or entrance areas with the passage of individuals. The advantage is the small size (and therefore inconspicuous location). All you need to install is the availability of a Wi-Fi signal and an electrical outlet.

Beik BeiCam Profi

The best model suitable for most applications. It is characterized by fast detection of passing-by people, the time required for aiming is less than half a second. Another advantage is the possibility of direct connection of one external device, such as a fingerprint reader or RFID tags. In addition, an external monitor can be connected to the Profi model. 

Beik BeiCam Premium

The highest model is suitable for places where it is necessary to use a connection via a classic LAN network, while maintaining the ability to communicate via Wi-Fi. The advantage is the possibility of connecting up to three external devices, which can be a modem (3G / LTE), RFID reader, or fingerprint reader. There is also the option to connect an additional monitor. 

Options and parametersBeiCam PalmBeiCam BasicBeiCam ProfiBeiCam Premium
Automatic detection of people with high temperature
Temperature sensing method
from the palm
from the face
from the face
from the face
Best scanning distance
0,1 m - palm
1 m1 m1 m
AI data processing
Access and administration via web interface
Cloud API *
Fire protection
(temperature detection above the set limit)
Freezing protection
(temperature detection under the set limit)
Wi-Fi connection
LAN connection
External USB device connection 
(3G / 4G modem, RFID reader,
fingerprint reader, code reader)
Number of available USB devices
1 13
Security camera (creation of  time-lapse recording
of the course of the whole day,  detection of movement
of people regardless of temperature)
OptionalOptional Optional
Possibility of independent operation within
local network (in case of connection failure)
Optional Optional Optional
PoE support Optional
Color touchscreen **
Optional Optional Optional Optional
Thermal sensor / thermal imager scanning accuracy
0,1 °C / 0,1 m0,5 °C / 1 m0,5 °C / 1 m0,5 °C / 1 m
Thermal imager scanning speed
1 person/ 0,2 s 1 person / 0,4 s 1 person / 0,4 s 1 person / 0,2 s
Thermal imager scanning angle
55°55° 55°55°
Video camera resolution
800 × 600 px800 × 600 px1 280 × 720 px3 280 × 2 464 px
Video camera sensor
Sony Sony Sony Sony
Power supply
5 V / 2 A
Micro USB
5 V / 2 A
Micro USB
5 V / 2 A
Micro USB
5 V / 4 A
* for partners with contract
** Available at the end of May 202



Device price

  • All prices are in EUR without VAT
  • History of records
    3 months
  • Monthly fee for camera operations in OpenCloud system

    6 EUR



Device price

  • All prices are in EUR without VAT
  • History of records 
    3 months
  • Monthly fee for camera operations in OpenCloud system

    6 EUR



Device price

  • All prices are in EUR without VAT
  • History of records
    3 months
  • Monthly fee for camera operations in OpenCloud system

    10 EUR

BeiCam Premium


Device price

  • All prices are in EUR without VAT
  • History of records
    3 months
  • Monthly fee for camera operations in OpenCloud system

    16 EUR

Easy use application

An integral part of BeiCam thermal imagers is their connection to
cloud system and associated web application. It is possible to
manage cameras there and check the history of records and alerts.

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